Loan without Credit bureau for trainees.

Trainees are just starting their own lives and want to be able to afford something with their first salary. The salary they receive is often not enough to make larger purchases, so many people think about a loan.

However, anyone who has already taken out a loan or has not followed up on payment obligations and this has been noted in the Credit bureau will quickly notice that banks do not grant a loan. Many now think they could take out a loan without a Credit bureau for trainees, because the Credit bureau would not be checked here and the creditworthiness would be given. Unfortunately, it must be said here that no banks grant a loan without a Credit bureau to trainees.

Taking out a loan abroad – possible?

Taking out a loan abroad - possible?

Foreign banks also grant German citizens a loan that is even free of Credit bureau. Trainees are increasingly asking about a loan without a Credit bureau for trainees that can be applied for abroad. But the trainee must quickly realize that he will have no options here either. What can that be?

The simple answer is that a trainee does not provide any security. Firstly, his training salary is not high enough and is often below the garnishment allowance. In addition, an apprentice is not always of legal age, which is also one of the conditions for applying for a loan abroad.

And then there is the safe job. When the apprenticeship is over, there is no guarantee that the company will take over the trainee, so the salary is initially only guaranteed for three years. That is not enough for the banks to grant a loan without a Credit bureau to trainees.

Are there any alternatives for the trainee?

Are there any alternatives for the trainee?

Unfortunately, the options to get a loan are very limited. It would be one way to ask parents to take out a loan. If the creditworthiness is correct, the loan can then be taken out here in Germany as well as abroad. However, not all parents are enthusiastic about the fact that the children are in debt at a young age and refuse to borrow.

Anyone who saves ironly and can get a lot of gifts, such as one or two driving lessons or new clothes, can for the time being waive a loan. It would be better if the trainee waits for a permanent employment relationship after the training and then applies for a normal installment loan.

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