Aggregators offer the highest chance of getting a loan. How do they work?

The acceptability of applications is slightly different for each lender. Generally, it is lower for banking institutions that screen their applicants very thoroughly. Non-banking providers are then (in some cases) relatively benevolent and will lend money to a less creditworthy applicant or a candidate with a record in the debtors register. Although in the future, together with the change in legislation in the the country, it is expected that “non-banknotes” will have to examine applicants more thoroughly and the overall approvability will go down.

Currently, there is the highest chance of approval of applications in aggregators of non-banking companies. How does it work and what are the options?

Non-bank loans for everyone?

Where will they lend me with the utmost certainty?

It should be noted at the outset that even non-banking companies do not lend money to everyone. If you have difficulty paying off another debt, low financial income, or if you have nothing to guarantee, you probably won’t get the money. Definitely not with a proven company. The only advice in a similar situation is not to borrow at all! Your financial difficulties would only increase with each additional loan. Try to turn to debt counseling.

Where will they lend me with the utmost certainty?

Non-bank loans for everyone?

Loan aggregators work quite simply, for applicants they mean mainly the highest chance of obtaining a loan (on average 9 out of 10 applicants succeed), but also the possibility to compare offers from more providers at once. The first step is to fill in a non-binding online inquiry, it is a brief form in which the candidate fills in contact information, information about employment, source of income, etc. The demand is then automatically sent to the involved partners. These are exclusively large, 100% proven companies. There are no natural persons and flood loans in the system!

The bidder is then contacted with an offer from those companies willing to lend. Since everything goes online (and then by phone), the process is very fast. Usually, no more than 15 minutes have elapsed from filling in the application to accepting the first offers. The conclusion of the loan agreement is then under the control of the provider.

Advantages of loan aggregators

  • Demand is non-binding and of course free
  • Save time – everything can be done in 5 minutes via the web
  • Ability to compare offers from multiple companies at once
  • You don’t have to go anywhere or even call yourself
  • Choose with whom you take the loan (not)

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